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problem now, it will be a much bigger economic burden asizeside from obviously the loss of lives. >> reporter: stand up to cancer airs on fox friday night. in hollywood, anita vogel, fox news. >> all right. stay with us. we have much more ahead on fox 5 morning news as fox 5 morning news at 5:00 begins now. there is another look at the capital on this frierks september 10, 2010. another gorgeous start to the day. there is another look at the capital on this friday, september 10, ten. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. let's say good morning to tony perkins. >> a very nice start to the day. it will be another beautiful day today the way i i think
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things are going to shape up. nothing particularly significant. i think there will be a few more clouds hanging around during the course of the day today but still a mostly sunny day. dry conditions, low humidity, not a bad start. here is a look at the temperatures around the region and again, cool, 64 degrees now in the nation's capital. 64 at annapolis. 55 at dulles airport. a lot of 50s out there this morning. here is your day planner for today. we are going to see mostly sunny skies, pretty low humidity, a mild day. high temperatures today only in the 70s, mid-70s at that is what we're looking for. so enjoy the day. we'll have more details on the forecast and a look ahead at the weekend as well coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. let's check in with julie and get a look at traffic. >> not so bad right now if you are traveling on the beltway out of greenbelt headed around towards college park. we just spoke with montgomery county police who tell us yes, they are still chening up a
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wreck on university boulevard headed for the capital beltway. right now, it is the right lane that is closed as you guys travel inbound towards 495. outbound, all of our lanes are open. if you are traveling here at the american legion bridge, all lane are open. no incidents have been reported. for those traveling 395 at duke street, traffic volume still moving at speed as you continue up and across the inbound 14th street bridge. overnight roadwork should now be cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our top story, a massive fire just south of san francisco is being blamed on a gas line explosion. the gas sparked flames that kept jumping from house to house and in no time being more than 50 homes had burned. sherry ly is following the story from our satellite center this morning. roe are that fire is still burning, only 50% contained. that blast blew out the water system so firefighters had on to pump water from two miles away. at least one person is dead and
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this morning, it is unclear how many more may be missing. >> the beds were shaking and there was almost like an earthquake but it was more power golf all the windows in the house shook and the house felt like it was shaking. flames came up like stories high. >> fireballs climbed almost as high as the emergency helicopters called to fight them. crews aboard air tankers face a very tough task. the spectacular flames you want matily reached more than two dozen homes turek the dinner hour. >> it was a boom being boom and a massive explosion. i ran out of the side of my garage and when i looked to my backyard, i could see the flames. >> i turned the corner and there was a huge fireball. i got out of my car and kind of walked up to see what was happening. i was there right as the first fire crews were arriving. >> reporter: a column of fire still engulfed neighborhood streets as firefighters and people came together to help the injured. several victim were admitted to
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the hospital with severe burns. >> it is just all residential down in there. >> reporter: a plume of ash- colored smoke hangs over the area. people just can't wrap their heads around what happened. >> it was pretty big. it was huge. >> i thought this was judgment day so it was really like all the area become white. >> at pock lips right here. thursday after work and no one expects something like this. >> reporter: area hospitals are now reporting about 0 people were brought in with serious burns, some of them this critical condition. that number is expected to climb. that is the latest here in the satellite center. back to you. an apartment fire in d.c. forceed a few familiar liz out into the street overnight. officials say a mattress caught on fire inside a unit of the building on m street southwest. this was just before #:00 this morning. nobody was hurt but 1 -- but 12 people have been displaced.
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vincent gray is asking the feds to look into allegations that fenty camp told people they could get jobs if they voted for imhim. at least two people said they were given job offers by a fenty come pain worker but they cannot give the names of those who offered them the jobs. we are learning more about a horrific car crash has police say tamika adams askar ' car left the road and hit two people. the swruj ordered adams not to drive, to refrain from alcohol and she has a curfew as well. ate metro access driver has been arrested after a customer claimed he sexually salted her. samuel kinston is employed by a subcontractor used by metro. the victim says he sexually assaulted her august 27th in montgomery county. he is arrested sunday and
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charged with third and fourth degree sex offenses and second degree assault. a former personal ed student is suing d.c. public schools, chancellor michelle rhee and former teacher robert wisemiller. the lawsuit says two years ago other staff members at the transition academy saw her and wisemiller in the classroom during lunch with the heights off but -- the lights off but did nothing about it. a paternity test revealed that wisemiller fathered the baby. the koran burning could be back on after all. the plan is on hold this morning. terry jones got two visits from the fbi and a phone call from defense secretary robert gates warning him to the consequences of american sojourners worldwide. then he says he got an agreement from the imam in new york to move the mosque near ground zero but the organizers say that never happened.
5:07 am
joan is planning to fly up to new york to r. jones is planning to fly up to new york to meet -- jones is planning to fly up to new york to meet with the organizers. he says for now, the koran burning is just suspended. a trip to the vet turned into a surprising find for one little puppy. we'll get details of what that puppy swallowed that made it sick. stay with us. we are coming back after the break.
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police say a woman who had just been suspended from her job the a kraft food plant in philadelphia returned and shot three people about 10 minutes later. two of the people tied and another victim is in critical condition. it is still not clear if any of them were specifically targeted. the suspect was captured about an hour later inside the plant. wind gusts are hampering efforts to battle a raging wildfire near boulder, colorado. more than 170 buildings and 10 square miles of land have been
5:11 am
burned so far. emergency officials say the fire is about 0% contained. a federal judge in southern california has ruled the military's ban on openly gay service members is unconstitutional. the jump says the don't ask, don't tell policy does not help the military. more than 100 pennies ended up inside the stomach of a puppy. this was in michigan. little isi si. woke up his owners by making some strange sounds and they knew something was wrong so they rushed him to the vet. they had an x-ray taken and it revealed the pennies were teen inside the puppy. >> they were able it get them out and he will be okay, i hope. >> let's hope so.
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this armed bandit probably didn't expect what happened next. we'll show you coming up. also coming up, the latest on today's weather forecast. another very nice day on tap and we'll take a look at the weekend as well. julie wright is here to tell us what is happening on the roads this morning. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. coming up on 51 now. 5:12 now. to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard.
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we take a look at wisconsin avenue from our tower cam this morning. and it is a little cool out there this morning. >> take a look. we are getting our look at the last time the space shuttle discovery will be rolled out to the launch pad. the orbiter is getting ready for its final mission. >> discovery scheduled to lift off november 1st and will carry supplies to the international space station. nasa is now attaching it to the
5:16 am
fuel tank and the twin solid rocket boosters. >> amazing. hopefully, today will shape up to be just like yesterday because it was just lovely. >> pretty much will. it will be another nice day. temperatures will be in the upper 70s again today. humidity levels comfortable and the breeziness is subdued a little bit. not bad at all, folks. let's show you the weather headlines for today and the next couple of days. we have some changes coming. it is the feel of fall as our temperatures have dropped back to a little bit below normal. but we're going to be right around normal next week. temperatures will be in the 50s tonight so a cool night tonight. many of you will see 50s. many of you are seeing the 50s already early this morning. meanwhile, igor weakens for now. no long are a tropical storm. now a tropical depression way out to sea in the eastern atlantic. we could see some showers late saturday and by that, we think overnight saturday into sunday morning, perhaps the early part of the afternoon but then we think we'll be done with the
5:17 am
rainfall which will be good considering we've got the redskins game at fedex field sunday night. high temperatures yesterday look like this. button is not working. high temperatures yesterday look like this. reagan national, 81 degrees for your high. 79 at dulles and bwi marshall. here is a look at the temperatures across the region this morning. we are at 64 in washington. also, 64 in annapolis. everyone else though for the most part in the 50s. baltimore, 58 degrees. frederick, maryland, 59 degrees. manassas, virginia, 55. 56degrees in fredericksburg. here is a look at the satellite- radar. then we'll he show you what is happening out west. this is a radar image. no satellite. couple of clouds moving through. nothing in the way of precipitation for us. it will be late saturday night in the first part of sunday when we finally get some precipitation coming in. you can see the a precipitation tea creasing from what we've
5:18 am
seen over the central and southern plains as it make its way eastward. we could use the rain but we will not get flood flooding rains or anything like that like they saw in the plains. nothing like that headed our way. forecast for washington for had you had looks like this. 78degrees for your high. lots of sunshine, not bad. tomorrow, high near 80. sunny, i think tomorrow will be beautiful, i great weekend day. a chance of rain i would say after midnight saturday night into the first half of sunday until about noon, 1:00, 2:00, then we think the showers wrap up. should be dry. you will need a towel to wipe off your seat out at fedex field. monday and tuesday, temperatures in the low 80s but sunshine. now, let's get an update on traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. >> all right. not looking so bad right now. the lanes are open top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. the remains of the crash along just boulevard, right side of the road still blocked off here. we're told from authorities
5:19 am
while they've been days busy dealing with the poll and wires down, the signal lights are dark here. traveling in on 66, so far, so good. no problems to report leaving fair oaks to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. it is an iconic television program that became a part of the american fabric. coming up next here on fox 5 morning news. we're talking about cops. it is getting set to mark a
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only at verizon. if it seems like you've heard that hundreds and hundreds of times, you're right. this weekend, the fox program cops celebrates its 800 episodes. >> that is 800 episodes of car chases, drug busts, crazy behavior and drunks, most of them without their shirts on. >> tony recently sat down to talk with the creator of the series an its producer to find out why cops continues to fascinate all of us. >> gentlemen, the first thing i have to say to you is congratulations. this is a real rarity for any tv show to run this long. you are in the stratosphere with shows like gun smoke, the
5:23 am
ed sullivan show the simpson's. john, did you have any con september when you started this show that it would be so successful and could run for this long? >> well, for a guy that does a lot with crime, i was clueless. i had no idea. i had absolutely no idea, tony, that this show would be on for 23 seasons debuting saturday night. i knew it was a good show. i thought it was an interesting concept but i had no idea it would endure this long. >> and morgan, you kind of grew up with the show. you are one of the producers now. why do you think it is so successful? it seems like a simple show. why do you think it has hung out there for so long. >> i think it has to do with the raw nature of the show. i think it is the most broad reality show that you see on television these days and i think people like that. that raw window onto reality
5:24 am
that you normally don't see. you are dealing with unpredictable characters, with volatile people and also you are seeing these cops deal with the really challenging work that they do and i think it is compelling. >> i want to ask you, john, i'll start with you, about how cops respond to t first of all, was it hard to get some local law enforcement to go along with you at the beginning? how do they respond to and is it easier now to get the demeanors to go along with you. >> it was very difficult in the early days back in the '80s because remember the press and police had always had sort of an adversarial relationship. the press, write ritefully show, was out there looking for things that go wrong and they would have stories of police brutality or police corruption or whatever the case may be. i came along saying i just want to do a documentary and film what you guys do. i'm not the news. i don't pretend to be the news p i just want to go walk in
5:25 am
your foot accepts, see what you do on a daily basis. so it took a long time to vince anybody to go along with this. then a guy named sheriff nick navarro in broward county, florida said what the heck. come on down, let the chips fall where they may. once we did it, it was fascinating. police started saying at last, somebody is showing what we do on a daily basis. >> the main question i ask is how do they get the people to sign the releases to be on the show. because like any documentary, you got to get the permission and why do these people agree to be shown on tv sometimes and i'm talking about the criminals in not the best light? >> half of them are relatives. they're my cousins. i say come on, why don't you want to be on cops. it is pop culture. you know, it has become a
5:26 am
little bit of the pop cultural landscape now. people will say get that news camera away from me and we say we're with the television show cops and we say will you sign for this? sure. >> it would be about 95% of the people willingly sign. not only do they sign but they ask us could you call me and tell me when my segment will be on. it is one of those things i wish i had an answer. it is just a bizarre phenomenon. >> maybe it is the celebrity culture in which we live. everybody wants to be a reality tv star. i moon i'm kind of with you. if i was going to be one, i don't think i would want to be one on cops. >> you bring up an interesting point. your show started before that shift happened. people were agreeing to be on tv on these episodes before the latest reality binge. do you think your show was the first reality show? >> i don't know. a lot of people claim that. that is for hisser to wraps to figure out. i do foe we were trailblazers
5:27 am
back in the day and nobody else had a show on that was all about real people with no music, no stars, no -- and i mean no music in the body of the show. no stars, all real people, no scripts, no host, no theiration. it was fresh to network television. i still think it is fresh today and that is why people keep watching it. if you think about it, there is no other show quite like cops on television. >> episode 800 saturday night. the #rd season kicking off. gentlemen, congratulation and continued good luck to both of you. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. -- the 23rd season. >> the cops season premiere saturday night at 8:00 in the evening. a ruptured gas line explodes creating an inferno that spread across a california neighborhood. this morning, the fire continues to burn. coming up, what is slowing
5:28 am
efforts to put out that dgo t
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5:30 am
we are watching a developing story out in california. a massive fire has consumed a neighborhood. this disaster apparently was sparked by a gas line explosion. >> the beds were shaking. it was almost like an earthquake but it was more
5:31 am
powerful. >> it was a boom, boom! and a massive explosion. >> this is in san bruno, california just south of san francisco. sherry ly will have more on this in just a couple of minutes. thank you for being here. we'll check that out. let's check in with tony first with a look at our forecast as the coolness starts to creep into the area. >> definitely. a lot of folks in the 50s this morning as far as your temperatures go. in the district, we are in the 1r0 but a very cool start to the day. it will be a nice day today though once again. let's take a look at the current conditions being reported right now at reagan national airport where, at reagan, it is 64 degrees. much of the area though in the 50s. relative humidity, 50%. that is nice -- in the tricycle, we are in the 50s but a very cool start to the day. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the region. not much to show you. a couple of clouds here and
5:32 am
there. we shall be precip-free we think until late saturday night the way things are shaping up. we could use the rain. still have no measurable rain this month. here is your forecast for today. mostly sunny, comfortable, pleasant. just a perfect forecast today and tomorrow, frankly. 78degrees for your high today. >> sounds great. i loved your interview with the -- >> with the guys from cops. >> i loved talk to them. >> i don't think you could make up the entertaining stories as -- what. >> what they show on cops. >> i would agree. a formula that works. >> i just want you all to know that i was never asked to sign a waiver. all right. this morning's commute looks pretty good. still dealing with water main break at the bw parkway the construction on the highway
5:33 am
we're dealing with. it is the right leap blocked eastbound 410 at the bw parkway. southbound 270 leaving 109. 355 is in good shape south of i- 70. no incidents reported headed into clarksburg. for those traveling in on 66, picking i'm the bit of volume as you work your way in from fair oaks. no incidents reported woodbridge up to 395. we want to go back out to the developing story we are following out of california this morning. a california neighborhood up in flames. one person is dead. more than 50 homes charred. possibly because of a natural gas line explosion. sherry ly joins us live from our satellite center with the latest on this situation. >> reporter: good morning. that explosion created a giant crater that spread flames through the neighbor like wildfire. in addition to that one death, hospitals say about 20 people were brought in with severe burns, some of them in critical
5:34 am
condition and that number is expected to climb. the fire continues to burn this morning in the san francisco suburb of san bruno and is only about 50% contained. a gas line ruptured in the neighborhood around 6:00 p.m. pacific time causing a massive explosion. one witness said the blast had a fireball shooting more than 1 how feet into the air. plane and helicopters dropped water and fire retardant from overhead. the fire burned down 53 homes and damaged 120 others. >> it was pretty big. it was huge. >> i thought this is judgment day so it was really like all the area become white. >> the apocalypse right here. thursday after work and no one expects something like this. >> reporter: when firefighters arrived, the neighborhood was already engulfed in flames.
5:35 am
firefighters say the flames made it difficult to get to the gas line and shut it off. firefighters are saying it will take until at least later this afternoon to do a full search of that neighborhood and determine if there are any more deaths. that is the latest here in the satellite center. back tow. south a case of road rage ends with a driver pulling a gun. this was tuesday during rush hour in woodbridge. a man said another driver cut him off at the stop sign. the man who cut him off pulled out a gun. no shorts were fired. in the race for d.c. mayor, the governor of maryland is praising adrian fenty this morning but governor o'malley is not endorsing the mayor because he says that is a decision for d.c. voters. the at any time question campaign is facing accusations of vote buying. vincent gray is calling for an investigation by the fbi. two people would spoke to fox 5 claim a person that he thought worked for mayor fenty offered him jobs if they voted for him. >> they said we had to vote
5:36 am
because that is the application to get the job. >> you wouldn't got a job unless you vote giant food this is an unspecific allegation. there is no -- no one has given us any name of anybody who did this. we do training of all of our people and let them know you cannot exchange anything for votes. >> mayor fenty says there is not much proof of the allegations pointing out the people making them can't come up with any names. a former d.c. special ed student has filed a lawsuit if federal court taking aim at the teacher who got her pregnant. she is suing michelle rhee and former teacher robert wisemiller for civil rights violations, negligent hiring and emotional distress. sea his others saw her and the teacher in the classroom with the lights off but did nothing. a paternity test revealed he fathered her baby. two residents at an assistedlying facility in
5:37 am
frederick, maryland have been diagnosed with legionnaire's disease. the home houses 80 seniors. this is a treatable bacteria often found in the plumbing of large facility. in florida, plans to burn the koran tomorrow are apparently on hold. the pastor of the small church had said yesterday that he was backing off the plan. he made the decision after he says a muslim leader prom id to move a controversial mosque away from ground zero in new york that. imam in new york says there is no deal. right now, it is really unclear whether the koran burning is actually going to happen. the pastor down there says he was not going to do it but now we are getting reports that this may happen after all. so at this point, still up in the air. the bank robbery caught on tape that does not sound so unusual these days but this armed bandit probably didn't expect what happened next. we'll show you straight ahead. here is a look at the markets. u.s. markets rose thursday
5:38 am
after an enencouraging jobs report. asian mark hets extend the rally on news that japan's economy grew more than expected. we'll talk more about this coming up in our business beat in our 6:00 hour. ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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caught on camera in wisconsin, a good samaritan taking town a bank robber. the video shows the man walk up behind the robber, put his arms
5:41 am
and the robber. the man eventually let him go and the bank robber did get away but nobody got hurt. charges have been filed in an accident that sent tom brady to the hospital. his car was hit by the minivan. boston police ticketed the minute industry van for failing to stop at the red light. a 49-year-old passenger in the minivan was seriously hurt. brady was shaken but not hurt. he even practiced with the patriots just a few hours later. president obama concedes democrats may suffer because of the economy this fall. he made the admission just as new jobless claim dropped. it is the lowest level of jobless claims since early july and shows that companies are not firing people even as the economy slumps. the white house has a replacement for the outgoing head of mr. obama's economic team. economist austin goolsby is taking over from christina romer. president obama will make an announcement later this
5:42 am
morning at 11:00. you can see that here on fox 5. >> reporter: want to go green but think it is too expensive in a local business is helping consumers buy things that are good for the environment and for their wallet. we'll check in with you a little later, melanie. we'll take a look at the roads with julie and tony has a forecast. enjoy another beautiful day but he says some changes are headed our way. dasou tsaksgo t
5:43 am
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spar. celebrities from all walk of life are getting together to take a dramatic stand against cancer. >> today's telecast will raise funds by using hollywood name to get the message out. they are hoping to get people to donate to groundbreaking research on the disease. the 2008 telecast raised more than $100 million. stand up to cancer will air tonight at 8:00 here on fox 5. >> and you know, before a local woman from actually out my way. she lives down the rooted from me, part of the women who are shaving their heads, the 56 mothers who are shaving their heads. her daughter tied of cancer. should be a good event. >> yeah. tracting a lot of attention. >> it is. >> that is good.
5:46 am
>> we just had a beautiful day yesterday. -- attracting a lot of attention. >> today will be beautiful in terms of the temperatures, not bad at all. yesterday, today and tomorrow are good. we do have changes coming from sunday. i want to focus on sunday first because it is the redskins season opener. a big game against alligator alley las. and a lot of folk, about 90,000 people, heading out to fedex field. here is your forecast as best we can say it at this point. i know i've been talking about some rain. we think the rain is over by game time so we're looking for partly cloudy skies, a cool evening with a temperature of about 73 degrees at kickoff. kickoff is sunday night at 8:20. i do think you will have to towel off the seats because there will have been rain touring the course of the day but right now, i don't think it will be raining during the game. keep watching us and keep going
5:47 am
to and click on that and we'll have updated forecasts throughout the weekend. winchester, 57 now. frederick being maryland is at 59 degrees at this hour. want to go to view. i want to show you the radar image on view. we've get mostly clear skies across the region again this morning. there are some clouds you can see here and there during -- for your morning hours and i do think there will be a few more clouds around today than yesterday but still mostly sunny. our next weather system is off to the west. it is making its way eastward. these are the remnants of what was a tropical storm hermine. that is making us way eastward. we are not going to get flooding ariel sharon but we'll likely get some rain showers starting late saturday night and then during the day on sunday.
5:48 am
let's go back to the graphics, show you the surface map and what we are talking about. lots of sunshine today. there is your area of low pressure out to the west. makes its way eastward. and as it does, it will bring those rain showers into our region again. i'm going to say right now after midnight saturday and then up until noon on sunday. here is your forecast for today. mostly sunny, comfortable and pleasant. high about 78 degrees. tomorrow, a glorious day. get outside with the kids. go to the playground. sunshine, 79 degrees for your high. sunday, we talked about the clouds and showers. monday, tuesday, highs in the low 80s with plenty of sunshine. that is a look at what is happen with the weather. now, let's go to julie wright and find out what is happening with traffic. >> i want to know. are you going to stay up past your bedtime to watch the game on sunday night. >> i am happy to say i will be at the game. i will be out there rooting for the redskins. it will be a big season this year. >> are you up top or are you
5:49 am
down field level? >> what do you think? i'm up top. i'll make sure to turn and look up. >> are you going to there be too? >> no, i'm just kidding. the lanes are open continuing in towards silver spring. no problems reported south on 95 and 295 coming in out of laurel. no incidents to report as you continue to work your way down towards the split. you will find coming in from the west, 66 looking pretty good out of manassas, no problems to report east of the virginia visitors center. you will find lanes open on the beltway annandale to merrifield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> a lot of people would like to shop green but finding ecofriendly product at a good price can sometimes be a challenge. our money reporter melanie alnwick found a way to go green and get a discount with an organization that started right here in washington. >> reporter: inside greater goods on d.c.'s. you street, this is an outdoor
5:50 am
lamp. >> pretty. >> there is a stole store full of green product. >> water bottles, lunch bags. >> reporter: customers can use the impact on their wallets too if they belong to the organization live green. >> we offer discounts for cleaning products and personal products and soaps, detergents for all live green members of at least 10%. >> reporter: live green was founded by steve ma in 2008 as a way to support phlegmling green businesses sprouting up in the city. >> now, those businesses gore growing and expanding. we are growing and expanding. of we've hired full-time staff and creating green jobs in this tough economy. >> reporter: there are now 50 green spot businesses offer the be member discounts. ma says they check out the companies and focus on businesses that offer practical product and competitive prices. >> the point is, green living
5:51 am
is so important but we want to make it a lot easier for people to truly choose green options. >> take a nice deep breath for me. >> reporter: here is another deal to get your hands on. 40 to 70% off ecofriendly services like massages or tining through live green's greenbacks program. well-being massage in dupont circle is this week's deal. >> i'm actually pretty shocked. i think we're booked already for the weekend. >> beth uses organic oils, efficient lighting and groan cleaning in her spa. greenbacks is giving her news business a boost. >> it will bring people in to get a great deal and they will see the amazing work and they will keep coming back. >> that is how the whole circle of support is supposed to work. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. redskins-cowboys sunday night. don't need to say much more than that, do we? of course, we do.
5:52 am
dave ross will be up next. could the saints hold on to win last night? highlights coming up next.
5:53 am
5:54 am
bret favre and the vikings in the big easy against the super bowl champions new orleans since. the saints went marching on their first possession. made it look easy.
5:55 am
thought it would be a high-ore scoring game. bret favre would respond. the saints would gain the lead in the third and hold on to the win. 14-9 was the final score if your nfl opener. but we don't really care that much about that game. it is the super bowl champs that we're playing. but the big match-up is sunday night. it is the redskins and cowboys and dave ross is here to get us ready for what we like to call the official washington kickoff of the nfl season. >> that was just a little appetizer there. what i want to know is i hard a rumor that there was a concert in town by lady gaga and somebody actually skiped a fantasy football draft to go see lady gaga. that wouldn't be tony perkins, right? >> it may have been. >> who would do something -- oh, it was you, steve chenevey. >> i want going to get into that.
5:56 am
but guess what i i ended up with, tony romo. >> he is smooth being baby. all right. let's talk about this. last year, we know you know tony perkins know, the american people know it didn't go well for the burgundy and gold. redskins scored two field goals in two games again the cowboys, lost both of them. in the 20 match-ups since 2000, the cowboys have won 14 of those games. donovan mcnabb, effect has been worried about his ankle, steve being okay. everything looks fine. there he is. he is moving around.
5:57 am
don't worry about the ankle, people. he will be fine. he will play all sunday night. no excuses. he is not going to use it as an excuse. neither will the washington redskins. this should be a barn burner because the past is prelude to the future and present which is now and this guy is the present for the redskins. >> can you tell me with any percentage of hon of they that you would have taken donovan mcnabb over tony romo in the fantasy draft. >> i don't know, i would have been at the lady gaga concert. >> one other guy we have to find out about is big albert haynesworth. is he going to play? mike shanahan says if he doesn't play, can you call him a liar. i with never do that. >> of course, you wouldn't. >> he needs to play well or there is really no reason to play him. if he is not motivated it play, don't play him. >> is this not the ultimate stage for approximate him to be
5:58 am
on to show he can play. ? >> we will soon find out. back to lady gaga. >> i did find your little monsters fan club card. i will place it back at your desk. we'll check your morning commute and weather coming up as fox 5 morning news continues. ♪
5:59 am
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